About - Zach Baranowski

About Zach

     Zach Baranowski is a freelance photographer based in the Greater Toronto Area. He is actively working to better the connection between humans and the natural world, by promoting an active lifestyle through exploration and adventure. Zach combines his passion for photography with his love of the outdoors to work with clients and on projects that have a focus on travel, adventure, the environment, and promoting the conservation of natural areas.

     He uses a creative approach for each project to convey stories and invoke emotion, through a strong use of visual tools including compelling composition, rich colour, and thought provoking imagery. His goal is to capture moments and create stories, with the hope of inspiring others to appreciate the outdoors and create their own adventure, no matter how big or small. Zach also has experience in a wide range of photography including sports, commercial photography,  photojournalism, portraits, and weddings.




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